I was attacked in PuduRaya terminal, Beware of the safety

I was attacked in PuduRaya terminal, Beware of the safety
I was attacked in PuduRaya terminal, Beware of the safety
18 December 2013, 22:54

I was attacked today by a ticket seller. I have written an email to the Uda Holding (the owner of the property). Just FYI be careful of your safety.


Dear Sir/ Madam

I visited Pudu Raya today 18th December 2013 around 10:30AM.

As I was entering the terminal building a guy (young Malay, around 170-175cm) with a walkie-talkie in his hand approached me and asked what ticket I want. Since I have a bad experience buying tickets this way I said “thank you, I don’t need ticket” (last time they sold me a handwritten ticket for a bus which had 2 hours delay and stopped at tens of points during the travel).

The guy continued bugging me until the pulsliner counter where I bought my ticket. Then the guy came again and started insulting and shouting ugly words at me. I did not react until he came again and this time physically attacked me, pushed his finger into my eye and hit me with his hands and leg.

I have traveled 12 countries and I have never seen such outrageously sickening behaviors with foreigners. Are you aware of these incidents in Pudu Raya terminal by these aggressive ticket sellers? Why don’t you stop these people?

For a few minutes I was thinking, is Malaysia and specifically Puduraya still safe for foreigners?

I am expecting a response from you as the owner and manager of the property, otherwise I am going to write to government agencies and newspapers.


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