Move over extremism, moderation is creeping on!

Move over extremism, moderation is creeping on!

PETALING JAYA: The best way to fight religious and racial extremism is not to fight at all. So that is precisely what the journalists at Sin Chew Daily decided to do by joining the “I Support Moderation” campaign launched recently.

According to The Star who interviewed some of their journalists, the message was clear that if society’s harmony and unity was to be restored, Malaysians had to make the conscious decision to take a moderate view and see it through to the end.

Michel Chng, 22, said participating in the “I Support Moderation” campaign would require much more than simply shouting slogans. It would require a real willingness to work hard at incorporating moderation in all one did.

“Blindly shouting a slogan will not magically create a moderate society.

“It requires hard work, trust and tolerance among the people of Malaysia,” she explained.

Meanwhile Teoh Chooi Pheng, 23, from Penang who was of the opinion that true moderation should not be politically skewed, said, “It should be purely about how to maintain a harmonious society.”

Teoh also said the media had a responsibility to get this message across to the people.

Echoing this sentiment was 25-year-old Wong Lee Kim, who said, “They (the people) need to understand how extremism is tearing the country apart. As journalists, it is our responsibility to tell everyone about the dire need for a moderate Malaysia.”

Feeling optimistic about the moderation campaign, Lim Teck Seng, 29 said it was hoped that the silent majority would now make a stand to reject extremism and push for moderation instead.

Yong Cheng, 24, believed that moderation had always been a part of every Malaysian’s life and hoped Sin Chew Daily’s “I Support Moderation” campaign would hammer home that point.

For more information about the campaign or if you wish to be a part of the move to spread the message of moderation, visit


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